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Sri Lanka Activities & Experiences

Sri Lanka Experiences

Safari at national Parks

Sri Lanka though a small island is home to a diverse range of fauna and flora and thus has close to 22 national parks scattered around the island giving an opportunity for a jeep safari no matter what part of the island one is traveling to. Though the jeeps are not the best with luxury and make, it's the experience and the wild life that takes the attention. Considering safety one should always understand that he is a visitor at the home of the wild animals and be respectful towards them all the time.

White water Rafting

Leave from your hotel and proceed to Rafters Retreat, a colonial house situated in Kitulgala bordering the Kithulagala River. After a change and instructions on safety and basic instructions required for rafting will be taken to a location named "Kalugala" by a off road vehicle 4 km away from the Retreat where you will get in to water in rafts. The total mileage done in rafts will be 6 km and it takes 2 hours to come to the finishing point near the Rafters Retreat. Two instructors will be available in each raft.

Hot air Ballooning

The green canopy, the paddy fields, temples and lakes – the island provide breathtaking views from the sky's and what better way to experience this than a hot air balloon ride. Operated by professionals of the field and experienced pilots tourists can hop in to a balloon from some of the key and pictures locations like Dambulla, Sigiriya, Galle, Yala, the south beach coast or Colombo with options of private tours and special wedding and honeymooners' packages with extras to make the ride special and memorable.

Whale Watching

To see the gentle giants or schools of playful Dolphins, the waters of the Indian Ocean off the coast of Sri Lanka is fast gaining popularity as a key destination in the world for whale and dolphin watching. Being close to a key whale migration route and the international whaling commission's protected zone in Indian Ocean, increased sightings of Blue Whales and the Sperm whale is recorded by researchers over the years. Facilities have been improved with the increased attention from enthusiasts and boats can be hired from some of the key beach destinations for those who are interested.


For thousands of years visited by many, owing to its location as a key location in a major shipping route connecting east to the west and the colonial rule has left many of their legacies remaining to this day silent under the ocean waters waiting to be discovered and the ones discovered - amazing those few fortunate who have visited them. The island nation provides more than 40 shipwrecks, and many reefs, caves and rock formations that is ideal for diving and considered to be as some of the best locations in the world.

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