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Sri Lanka Excursion - Rafting at Kithulgala Day Trip

Sri Lanka Excursion - Rafting at Kithulgala Day Trip

Leave from your hotel and proceed to Rafters Retreat, a colonial house situated in Kitulgala bordering the Kithulagala River. After a change and instructions on safety and basic instructions required for rafting will be taken to a location named "Kalugala" by a off road vehicle 4 km away from the Retreat where you will get in to water in rafts. The total mileage done in rafts will be 6 km and it takes 2 hours to come to the finishing point near the Rafters Retreat. Two instructors will be available in each raft.

The total stretch includes of 5 strong current areas called rapids. Each rapid is given a name.

Virgins Breast - 10 feet deep
Butter crunch - 10 feet deep
Killer Fall - 12 feet deep
White quarter - 5-10 feet deep
Head cutter - 8 feet deep

A stretch of calm water called "Ladies Stretch" spans over 400 meters that is 15-18 feet deep and is ideal to float in getting off the raft. After completion the option of enjoying a typical Sri Lankan meal before the return drive to the hotel. A minimum of 4 clients are required to be in a raft.


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