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Sri Lanka Excursion - Bentota Boat Ride Day Trip

Sri Lanka Excursion - Bentota Boat Ride Day Trip

Leave the hotel in the morning and transfer to Bentota, an early start helps to catch the river-line wildlife at play. On a small open top boat as you cruise down the Bentota river with a local captain passing by islands, narrow channels, mangrove swamps, riverbanks covered with lush, tropical foliage and flowers, teeming with bird and marine life in pure tranquility. You will meet along route, local fishermen in their homemade craft offering their fresh catches or simply giving lotus flowers to the ladies on board.

Gently drifting to a stop, we climb out and take a leisurely stroll through the village and then have an opportunity to climb 'Baby Adam's Peak' and visit the temple perched right at the top of a hillock. The scenery from here is magnificent and you can see the eagles soaring high above. After the decent the option of a traditional rice and curry lunch at a local restaurant is available.

Finally you are invited for a farewell drink, a king coconut arrack cocktail before you get down from the boat for your return journey.


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