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Anuradhapura - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Anuradhapura - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Considered to be the oldest medieval city in Sri Lanka and the first capitol of the Sri Lankan empire. This city was built around the sapling of the sacred bo tree – the tree that shaded lord Buddha when he attained enlightenment, sacred to all Buddhists around the world. The tree still stands and is considered as the oldest surviving historical tree brought there in the 3rd century B.C. by Sanghamitta, founder of an order of Buddhist nuns.

Anuradhapura remained a religious and a political capitol for over 1,300 years, during many ingenious and marvelous structures were build and added to the city that stands tall even now as ruins indicating the advance civilization that once created a glorious city that is now declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. The excavations and studies done proves that the city had a very advance irrigation system and construction was done with much ingenuity achieving feats that are considered tedious even with the latest technology available now.

There are many to see at the ancient ruin city from magnificent and colossal monuments, buildings that rose to up to 9 stories, Buddha statues, monasteries, hospitals and many other buildings perfectly laid out to a plan, with a very interesting and unique story behind the construction and the existence of the structures. Isurumuniya and Samadhi Buddha statues – a must visit shows the artistic creations of the Sri Lankans of that era. All in all the ancient city of Anuradhapura is a marvel and a treasure trove of Sri Lankan history that truly deserves the tag "world heritage site".

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